4 Artisan Blooming Tea Box

4 Artisan Blooming Tea Box

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Artisan flowering tea balls

Our Artisan filled Blooms Box contain 4 of our blooming teas, each one with a different flavour.  Enjoy the spectacle as each one unfolds to reveal a delicate flower within.


Snowing bloom white tea, Mango, Passionfruit and Lychee

Product code:Bloom-4


Passionfruit: fine green tea with a string of jasmine flowers cushioned on a chrysanthemum flower flavored with passion fruit

Mango: exquisite green tea with a chrysanthemum flower and mango flavor

Lychee: fine hand tied green tea. Unfurls into a flower with a string of jasmine flowers and a lotus flower with lychee flavor

Snowing bloom: white tea, marigold

CAFFEINE LEVEL: 15 mg to 25mg


• 1 bloom per med pot (glass is best) • water temperature 70°C • bloom will open 3 to 5 mins.

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