Lovely Edition - Thankful Fruit Infusion Organic

Lovely Edition - Thankful Fruit Infusion Organic

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'Gratitude is the memory of the heart' Jean Baptiste Massillon

In our stressful everyday life we often forget about who cares about us, is there for us and supports us. Therefore we often take things for granted. Let us remember the important things in life and thank our loved ones - For their attention, the wonderful time together and for the deep connections with each other. Our delicious organic fruit infusion Thankful with strawberry vanilla flavour warms not only the heart but also the body.

130gm Imported from Germany.

Product code:53165E


Apple bits, hibiscus, rose hip peel, strawberry leaves, natural flavourings, strawberry bits, beetroot bits, vanilla, stevia leaves, marigold blossom.

From Organic Cultivation


• 2 teaspoons per cup • Water Temperature 100°C • 5 to 8 minutes infusing time

ARW Brand No

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