Skinny You Box - 50g Tin of Weight Loss Tea & 50g Tin of Yunnan Puérh

Skinny You Box - 50g Tin of Weight Loss Tea & 50g Tin of Yunnan Puérh

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Boost and invigorate your metabolism.

Our Skinny You Box will kick start your weightloss. With a 50g tin of Organic Weight Loss Tea  which contains Puérh, green and red teas mixed with supporting herbs to create an invigorating blend that helps support and maintain healthy metabolism. Also containing 50g of Yunnan Puérh tin which has soft, earthy and woodsy tones. This tea is a variety of fermented tea from the Yunnan Province of China. When you drink Pu-erh after a meal it is thought to assist in weightloss by aiding digestion and fat breakdown.

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Weight Loss Herbal Blend: honeybush, spearmint, green yerba, stinging nettle, japanese bancha, puérh, natural lemon oil. From controlled organic agriculture

Yunnan Puérh Tea: Puérh tea


Weight Loss Herbal Blend: Low

Yunnan Puérh: + 40mg


Weight Loss Herbal Blend: • 2 teaspoons per medium pot • water temperature 80°C • infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Yunnan Puérh: •1 teaspoon per cup • water temperature 85ºC • infuse for 3 minutes. This tea can be infused multiple times, we recommend an additional 2 infusions. 

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