Eternal Edition - Soulful Herbal Infusion Organic

Eternal Edition - Soulful Herbal Infusion Organic

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' Without inner warmth nothing great nor beautiful in life has been achieved' Eduard Hanslick

Is there life after death? Do we have an aura? Even though there are many things we can't explain that doesn't mean these things don't exist. We can't see our soul nor smell, taste or touch it but we can feed it. For example with our delicious Soulful Herbal Tea with the taste of lemon balm and lemongrass.

65gm Imported from Germany.

Product code:53163E


Lemon balm leaves, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, fennel, lavender, natural flavourings, cornflower blossoms

From Organic Cultivation


• 2 teaspoons per cup • Water Temperature 100°C • 5 to 8 minutes infusing time

ARW Brand No

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